Written by Dylan Luper, Research Associate

An internship at KRC Research is a rewarding professional experience. As a previous intern myself, I can attest to the fact that an internship at KRC affords the opportunity to work with the best researchers in the industry on behalf of some of the most dynamic businesses and organizations out there. First and foremost, we hope you enjoy your internship. As you begin your first week, here is a guide on what an internship at KRC is really like and what you can expect throughout your time working here.

  1. How to be a great KRC Intern.

KRC Research allows interns to express their intelligence and creativity in ways that other internships can’t. Rather than simply completing a task, go beyond the initial assignment and offer up your own ideas. Doing so will allow the project team to not only see your ability, but your insights will add value to the overall product. There is no better feeling than knowing you made a valuable contribution, and your project lead couldn’t agree more. New ideas are of great value no matter from whom they come, so speak up – it’s quite possible that you could be on to something big. There is no reason to be intimidated as an intern at KRC Research; you were hired for your mind, and we want to hear what you have to say. You have a seat at the table, so put it to good use!

  1. You’re not just an intern – you’re an integral part of the team.

An internship at KRC Research is different than most. Throughout your entire experience, you will have intensive training on just about everything there is to know about the research process. Before too long, you will be assisting staff at every level with projects for a variety of industries and business sectors, and you’re expected to contribute in meaningful ways. There is no such thing as an “intern task” at KRC, everything you work on contributes to your team’s final deliverable. Yours will be one of the many sets of eyes that quality checks everything we do here, as we like to ensure that all we produce is proofed to perfection. You are an essential part of the process and we are excited to have you!

  1. Your coworkers know exactly what it’s like to be an intern.

Many of our full-time employees at KRC actually started as interns. In fact, a majority of our junior staff started their career at KRC with an internship! This gives you a great network of people who know exactly what you’re experiencing and who will have great tips and tricks to help you thrive as an intern. So use them! As the saying goes, “There are no stupid questions,” and this is particularly true because many of the questions you have, we have most likely asked ourselves. Everyone will have a great story to tell about what their internship was like, and how what they did translated into a full-time position. Your fellow KRCers are your greatest mentors; use them to your advantage!

  1. This is the best office building you will ever work in.

Washington is home to some of the most intricate and amazing architecture in the United States, but have you seen House of Cards? If so, 733 10th Street may look familiar to you, because it just so happens that our office is in the opening credits. Netflix fame aside, our office comes with everything – kitchens on every floor, a nice open layout with wall-to-wall windows, oh, and did I mention free food? On the second Friday of every month, lunch is provided by a restaurant here in DC, and we’ve had everything from Chop’t to Ben’s Chili Bowl. Also, we share this office with a number of different companies, so feel free to meet and mingle with some of the great people who work here!

  1. You will enter as an intern, leave a professional.

Interning with KRC Research will help you in your professional life whether you pursue a career in market research or not. Throughout your time at KRC, you will have the opportunity to learn countless valuable skills – from being an effective team player, to managing your time under a tight schedule, to project coordination, to data visualization and storytelling, all of which will be very useful no matter what career path you pursue.

At KRC, you work with the best in the business and have endless possibilities to grow. If you’re up for the challenge, then your internship experience will definitely not disappoint. Welcome to the team!