KRC PulsePoll

PulsePoll Sq

The KRC PulsePoll (conducted for US, UK, or continental Europe) is a fast and cost-efficient online survey to collect robust, representative quantitative insights from a general population. Clients use this tool to test ideas, draw attention, understand landscapes, or brand content.

DC Influencer Insights


KRC’s DC Influencer Insights is a custom online research tool designed with each specific client in mind. It is used to understand the mindset of DC’s most influential opinion leaders, how they perceive relevant issues, and how best to communicate a client’s position in order to “move the needle.”


Parent Pulse Sq

The KRC ParentPulse is a targeted and cost-effective online survey that can be used to gather meaningful insights from moms and/or dads across the country. It can be customized to target moms, and/or dads with children of a certain gender or age range to fit specific research objectives.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Sq

KRC’s thought leadership research positions its clients as experts on specific issues or topics. We are particularly effective at developing or empowering an existing platform by enhancing credibility, building expertise, and offering original research with a long shelf life.

Flash Poll

Flash Poll Sq

The KRC Flash Poll is an online survey tool intended for those clients whose research needs depend heavily upon meeting an approaching deadline or surveying in a brief time window. This tool makes it possible to turn around results in short order to meet the most urgent demands.

News Maker

News Maker Sq

KRC uses its proprietary Media Poll Database to help clients uncover whitespace, assess themes with potential to generate headlines, and maximize demand for insights. KRC then conducts media polls to connect clients’ voices to conversations that matter to them and their audiences.