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About KRC

KRC Research is a full service global public opinion research consultancy and a member of the Interpublic Group (IPG) of companies. Our global quantitative and qualitative market research solutions help inform strategic decisions, optimize strategies, fuel thought leadership, and drive headlines. By using proven methodologies and pulling from over 30 years of experience interpreting consumer feedback, we deliver meaningful insights and actionable recommendations to our clients around the globe.

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  • The “A/B/C”s of Ethics in Experimental Testing

The “A/B/C”s of Ethics in Experimental Testing

  • October 8th, 2014

Written by John Almond, Senior Research Analyst and Derek Richer, Vice President

Experimental testing is one of many tools in a market researcher’s toolkit to understand how messaging or creative executions affect real world behavior. Frequently applied to web design, A/B testing is a research method often used to test pages’ layouts, graphics and fonts in order to optimize the user experience or to discover which design elements drive the most clicks, user sign ups or purchases.
However, the approach can […]