KRC Research

Who We Are...

  • We are a leading global market research firm.
  • We are the experts that corporations, not-for-profits and governments turn to when they need answers to their strategic challenges.
  • We are the ones PR and advertising agencies turn to when they need research to shape campaigns and create materials.
  • We deliver insights that lead to actionable results.
  • We are a team of seasoned research consultants who are known for our ability to execute quickly and accurately.

Our People

Staffed with market research professionals from the worlds of political campaigns, consumer marketing, journalism and academia, we are passionate about what we do, flexible, practical, creative, knowledgeable and fast.

If fact, no other firm can match our agility, teamwork, expertise, global networks and experience to deliver answers to your critical business questions on time and on budget no matter how high the stakes or tight the deadlines.

Our Point of View

At KRC Research, our goal is to provide knowledge and insights that can build, drive and enhance business marketing and communications decisions. Our approach rests on the following beliefs:

Good Research is Well-Planned

Our research planning process is as rigorous as our research implementation, seeking clarity and consensus on research goals and parameters.

Good Research is Useable

Our research is designed to provide clear answers to communications questions - what should be communicated, how, and to whom.

Good Research is Understandable

We deliver debriefs and reports that are not only thorough and insightful, but clear in meaning and accompanied by clear recommendations.

Our Network

As an independent unit of the Interpublic Group of Companies, we are the research partner to many of the world's leading public relations, advertising and communications agencies. Our insights have shaped breakthrough communications and marketing campaigns around the world.

Our Senior Leaders

Bradley Honan
Chief Executive Officer
New York, NY
Jennifer Sosin
Chief Research

Washingon D.C.
C. Douglas Baker
Senior Vice President
Washingon D.C.
Mark David Richards,

Senior Vice President
Miami, FL
Amy Emmatty
Senior Vice President
Washington D.C.
Colleen Learch
Senior Vice President
Washington D.C.

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