Shelley West

Shelley West, Senior Vice President

Shelley West is a Senior Vice President at KRC Research with 15 years of research and consulting experience. In addition to deep knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and applications, Shelley has advised marketing, communications, and commercial leaders at some of the world’s top companies across a wide variety of industries. 

Prior to joining KRC, Shelley was a Principal Executive Advisor at CEB (Corporate Executive Board) where she helped heads of Marketing and their teams work through their most pressing challenges and apply CEB’s research, frameworks, and best practices on topics such as content marketing, marketing communications, customer understanding, buyer journey mapping, branding and organizational structure.  

She also spent time a Gannett as an Audience Research Manager and started her research career at The Polling Company, Inc. where she was a lead client liaison and research consultant for a variety of corporate, media, non-profit, political, and government clients.

Shelley has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology from Amherst College and a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University.