Jeff Davis, Vice President

Jeff Davis, Senior Vice President

Jeff Davis is a Senior Vice President at KRC Research.

Jeff oversees the day-to-day operations of KRC including workflow resource management, vendor relationships, financial analysis and human resource coordination. Jeff is responsible for ensuring and improving operational efficiency internally as well as externally by continually exploring new and efficient data collection methods and vendors.

Jeff and the Operations Team oversee data collection and logistics for a wide variety of domestic and international projects. This Team specializes in hard to reach audiences for both consumer and B2B projects. They ensure data is collected accurately, efficiently and with methodological rigor.

Jeff brings to KRC over 30 years of data collection, budgeting, bidding, project management, staffing and facilities management. Prior to coming to KRC, Jeff managed the Budgeting and Resource Management team at Harris Interactive. Jeff is a member of the Marketing Research Association.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Shepherd University.