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If you want to win, you need to do good research. Research is a critical element of any successful advertising and public relations campaign. So increase your chances of winning by partnering with KRC Research.

KRC Research specializes in conducting all types of research among numerous consumer and B2B audiences quickly and effectively. Working closely and partnering with IPG agencies, KRC Research digs deep into the data, uncovering the insights and the intelligence that will set your agency, your campaigns and your ideas apart from competitors. From conducting focus groups with key audiences to segmenting customers to branding research, KRC Research uses a variety of new research tools and models to collect high quality insights for a very low cost.

Research is a competitive advantage - KRC Research gives you a stronger advantage.

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KRC uses data to cut through the noise to help you make better decisions.

KRC Research conducts customized primary and secondary research, using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Using such traditional tools as surveys, one-on-one interviews and focus groups, as well as the most recent internet-based technologies, we excel in multiple areas of research:

Below is a brief overview of our research capabilities.

Finding Your Advocates

Your advocates today may not be your advocates tomorrow. KRC's segmentation techniques identify and define audiences and provide insights to help you inspire audiences to take action.

Measuring Impact & ROI

There's nothing worse than campaigns or messages that fall flat. KRC has the measurement tools and techniques that allow you to assess and adjust your marketing and communications efforts in time.

Reputation Renovation

The most admired organizations strike a balance between proactive and reactive reputation management. Where are you on that scale?

Finding the Right Messages

Only the right messages get the right results. Why leave that to chance when you can use KRC's simple and proven process to identify the right themes, the right words and the right tone to get the right results.

Research to Generate News

Good data can lead to great headlines. KRC's surveys result in clear, relevant and reliable results, easily explained, with high potential to attract media interest.

Materials Testing

The best materials are clear, credible and compelling. KRC specializes in testing marketing and communication tools from design to finished product, including websites, advertisements, logos, speeches, brochures and much more.

Landscape Assessments

The road map to success begins with a landscape assessment. KRC provides a thorough analysis of current attitudes, purchase drivers, behaviors and trends.

Responding to a Crisis

Crisis comes in all shapes and sizes, and when you least expect it. Don't overlook the value of good data in a crisis; KRC doesn't. Good research doesn't take weeks or months, KRC can get you insights overnight to help you plan, respond and act on the fly.

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