Written by Amy Emmatty, Senior Vice President

Do you actually use your degree?

I do. Every day. While this is often viewed as an anomaly, in research it seems more common than you’d think. Market Research draws people from a variety of academic disciplines often based in the social sciences or programs focused on business results. Among us are degrees in Applied Demography(me), Public Policy, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, Business, Survey Research and Marketing. And every one of us is leveraging our education every day.

Research itself tends to draw curious, analytical, knowledge-seeking professionals. In fact, over half of our team holds some type of graduate degree. So it’s perhaps no surprise that our personal love of learning carries over to our professional application of these degrees and appreciation for the value it adds to our work.

As such, KRC has entered into a relationship with the University of Wisconsin AC Nielsen Center for Marketing Research. This relationship has us working closely with two of their students throughout the next semester and gives us a chance to help shape the research leaders of tomorrow.

Eli Fish and Jack Tong, welcome to KRC and trust we will put your education to work every day!