KRC Research


KRC Research offers specialized skills and expertise in the following areas:

Reaching Highly Targeted and Narrow Audiences

KRC knows how to reach audiences that other firms do not, including opinion leaders, C-level executives, B2B decision-makers and specialized consumer populations. We talk to the right audiences for each assignment.

Research on Complex and Controversial Issues

From biotechnology to litigation threats, our research uncovers what drives attitudes around hard-to-explain issues and how to influence opinion.

Global and Comparative Multinational Research

We've conducted research in 60 countries across six continents, and excel in managing research across geography, languages, and cultures.

Robust Research

KRC is known for its ability to combine qualitative and quantitative techniques, to deliver both the texture of in-depth interviewing and the reliability of random-sample surveys. We get just the right mix for you.

Multimode Research

We have proven expertise conducting research that combines phone, mail, Internet and in-person interview techniques in order to reach the right respondents in the right way.

Issues Management

KRC has particular breadth and depth of experience with research to support public affairs challenges, including both reputational management and issues management. This includes unmatched experience and ability in conducting research among policy makers and policy influencers - in Washington, London, Brussels and around the globe.

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