KRC Research

Research Services

KRC provides its clients a unique combination of rigorous research services and our ability to extract useful, relevant insights that drive decision-making around the world.

Our services are built upon a solid foundation of more than 30 years of opinion research experience and savvy that allows our clients to make decisions based on fact, rather than anecdotal evidence and generalizations. KRC's analytic techniques translate the research findings through a lens of our specific industry and situational experience and expertise to provide the most vivid and accurate description of a company's given situation, opportunity and/or challenge. The end result is a thorough explanation of specific research implications clients can take action against.

Our research services fall into three distinct categorizes:

Qualitative Research

This includes focus groups (online and traditional), triads, friendship pairs. In-depth, one-on-one interviews (via telephone and online), online bulletin boards and person-on-the street intercepts.

Quantitative Research

This includes surveys (online, telephone, mail, and in-person), tracking polls, panel studies, copy tests and mall intercepts.

Innovative Research

This includes dial-groups, moment-by-moment analysis and live survey "chats".

KRC has mastered the art of using research tools in unique ways to the "right" results.

Consulting Services

KRC also offers research consulting services to clients who need to augment their teams with hands-on sophisticated research acumen. In this capacity, KRC can partner with its clients on a wide-range of research-related activities, including:

  • Research design, Project coordination and Agency integration
  • Development of questionnaires and interview guides
  • Moderating and interviewing
  • Design and facilitation of business planning, message and brand summits
  • Review and interpretation of existing data (which includes providing implications for messages and targeting, strategies and tactics)

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