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KRC's clients include some of the world's leading organizations and brands. The assignments we undertake span Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 corporations, trade associations, not-for-profits, and governments.

Our research has spanned over 60 countries across 6 continents.

To learn more about what we do and some of our specific research capabilities, click on the documents below:

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Technology Research

KRC Research has worked with all types and sizes of technology companies-from start-ups to multinationals, conducting research among business decision-makers and purchasers, IT managers, engineers, software developers, distributors and consumers.

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Consumer Research

KRC Research regularly conducts custom research for leading consumer products companies around the world. We have guided product development and assisted with product promotion; we have informed product positioning and marketing strategies; and we have conducted research aimed at raising product visibility in the media.

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Education Research

KRC Research has particularly deep expertise in education and education advocacy. We have worked with universities on reputation and positioning; with advocacy organizations seeking to raise awareness of an issue or change opinions; and with educational associations seeking to understand attitudes and design communications strategies.

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Employee Research

KRC Research has conducted internal communications research for a wide range of leading organizations around the world.

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Financial Services Research

KRC Research is a leader in communications research for financial services. Our research supports consumer education campaigns, drives messaging for corporate communications and product marketing campaigns, provides platforms for thought leadership and visibility in both the trade and popular media, and delivers information on consumer usage and attitudes toward financial products, services, and issues.

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Research that Gets Attention

As partner to the world's leading public relations agencies, KRC Research is a leader in conducting research designed to attract attention.

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Healthcare Research

KRC brings unique and deep experience in healthcare. Our work has supported a vast range of communications objectives for healthcare clients-from pharmaceuticals to patient advocates, from insurers to hospitals, from government agencies to technology companies seeking to build a presence in the healthcare industry.

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Research that Measures Success

KRC Research's clients invest in communication, and they need to understand the return on that investment-their ROI. When they speak, who hears? Who remembers? Does awareness grow? Do perceptions, attitudes, or behaviors change? What results are achieved?

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Multinational Research

KRC Research excels at managing communications research across markets, cultures and languages. With experience in more than 60 countries across six continents, we are skilled in developing and managing multinational research programs.

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Not-For-Profits Research

KRC Research is a leader in communications research for not-for-profit organizations, including charities and foundations, advocacy organizations, membership groups and government agencies. Our research supports branding and positioning, issue advocacy, social marketing and public education campaigns and membership development.

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Researching Hard to Reach Audiences

KRC Research excels in conducting research among narrowly defined and hard-to-reach audiences, from policymakers to business decision-makers to narrow customer segments. We bring deep experience in finding the right lists and samples (or creating them ourselves) and in using research techniques that maximize participation in our projects.

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